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Science and technology

Science and technology is mandatory for all students from Kindergarten to Year 6.

In science and technology, students explore the natural and made worlds. They learn how to apply scientific and technological skills, knowledge and understanding across a broad range of contexts.

Science provides a way of inquiring about the world around us. It explores evidence and investigates ways to discover, develop and produce solutions to real world problems. The inquiry and skill-based nature of science opens doors to ideas and discoveries.

The school is equipped with dual networks. The educational network operates in Windows 7 and the administration network on elastic block storage (EBS4). Interactive whiteboards are used throughout the school.

The Department of Education and Training is our proxy server and provides internet filters to assist with the safe provision of internet access. Classrooms are connected to the network. There is also wireless internet access across the school, which supports our utilisation of wireless devices including iPads.